The ANJUGAM SCHOOL is situated in Chennai, India. It is a primary school and currently provides education to 240 children from the lower economic group.
The school has been in existence since the early eighties. The school was functioning in a very small building with no infrastructure or basic amenities.
In 1997-98 , the Indian Association Luxembourg asbl became involved and adopted the project to collect funds and complete the school building. 
Since 1999, the school is being run by the Anjugam Education Trust.
Various improvements have been undertaken to the main school building and the surroundings with support received from:
The Indian Association Luembourg asbl
Ecole European Luxembourg
Optimist Cricket Club,Luxembourg
Rotary Club,Chennai
Well wishers in Luxembourg and India
The Anjugam Acers   ran the Luxembourg ING Marathon in June 2013 to collect funds to build a proper kitchen, a hall where students can have lunch and be protected from the heat outside and as well as a playground. Thanks to contributions received,these funds have now been utilised for building the lunch hall and renovating the kitchen. 
The children are extremely thrilled with this new facility  and  the efforts that we have all put in is already reaping rewards. 
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Indian Association Luxembourg
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