Luxembourg for Finance invites you to join our livestream session:

Tuesday, 20 February 2024
10:00-11:00 CET

Across the globe, long-term investing forms the basis of much of the financial system. Individuals who are saving for retirement or to fund a specific goal, asset owners who plan long-term commitments to match the needs of their beneficiaries, asset managers who align their goals with those investing via them, companies who make multi-year commitments to new projects, markets, or facilities, and communities who benefit from governments and businesses long-term decisions via job and wealth creation.

Long-term investing underpins some of the most important facets of economic growth globally and our Focus On livestream will host leading experts to unpack these facets from a variety of angles.

How are investors navigating challenges stemming from growing geopolitical tensions and stagnating global growth? Why does long-term investing matter for economies? Is the European pension market ready for ELTIF 2.0? And, how do we overcome valuation challenges relating to long-term illiquid investments?

Through a series of discussions our guests will unpack these questions and more, exploring pertinent issues relating to this pivotal aspect of the financial industry.

For sponsorship opportunities and information regarding the event, please contact: Aurélie Zambeaux